Wednesday, March 01, 2006

trip to Solihull

a nice afternoon for my trip to Solihull Central Library,

and when I came out of my seventh floor flat in Merton House, my neighbour was playing ball witn her three year old.

oops someone has knocked this down by the Chelmsley Wood Medical centre
I went to the pharmacy to collect some medicine and I looked through the glass wall to the reception are for the doctors and nurses of the medical center

Merton House looked great against the dramatic sky brought by a cold north westerly wind

- but these leaves in the rubbish pile to the right have not been swept up yet after two months

these flowers from dryer and warmer climates are sponsored by Seven Trent Water and are the future of english gardening in a dryer climate of the future

and a very blurred picture of my heavily loaded trolley as I take the lift down at Solihull Central Library - too much hurry causing camera shake.

this is where I changed from the 72 to the 97 bus and the snow shower which was over Solihull

I like this graffitti which has been on this bus for months

speed bumps for pavement cyclists

my shadow and the trolley - I really look like a pin head !

back on the seveth floor and another snow shower is receding to the east as the sun sets behind me
my new toy - this used fiche reader cost me £10 from the library

and a black bag as a dust cover


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