Sunday, February 26, 2006

saturday afternoon shopping therapy

even the Peoples Express had to wait for a two mile traffic queue
the blues - Birmingham City football club was playing at Home

and the result was Birmingham 1 - 0 Sunderland

the market was wonderfully busy

click for full size
great cheese, farm fresh eggs and frozen fish too

7 oranges for £1 yes one

this stall holder has sold out and gone home

3:30 pm is a good time to shop for bargains

cyclists !

a rare sight in Birmingham

in the middle of the road looking back at the markets

the remains of a nineteen fifties theme pub
the Royal George
the squares were gun ports in a concrete hull

where I wait for the 97 bus back to Fordbridge and Chelmsley Wood and found two soup bowls (see below) After getting home I went out again to LIDL for ryebread.

think about these notices - and smile

Radio Times for the week 95 p

this plastic bag with four soup bowls was abandoned at the bus stop
two were broken
but two were OK freebie :-)

from LIDL £22 including the Speyside straight malt whisky for £12.50,
and two kinds of frozen fish

but from the Birmingham markets:-

four big pieces of chicken £2

3 kinds of cheese £2

bonfire smoked
grated cheddar

all this for £5 50p

one piece of chicken (the other three frozen down)

two onions

3 carrots

added to the stock pot (pressure cooker)

really tender and tasty when eaten on Sunday


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