Sunday, March 05, 2006

senior moments

this bare patch of floor is because last night
I knocked over two full glasses of coffee,
about one liter, all over the carpet

so I washed the carpet with cold water in the bath and left it to drain overnight

pretty messy after being rinsed three times

is this chinese hand knotting?

still very heavy

I hung it up to dry

when I got back from the market I was greeted by the whine of this planer

He is fitting a new pair of doors to the public bar opposite Merton House
(the old ones have rotted at the hinges he said)

and I joked about my student days in the pattern shop (advanced woodwork) at Loughborough College where the old planing machines were notorious finger slicers.

the old doors

reflection of Merton House

the other senior moment

(this is the amount od coffe I spilled)

I was slicing up some cabbage for the soup and sliced my finger too


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