Thursday, March 02, 2006

I walked all the way to my great dentist

A cool afternoon, even cold for some, I resolutely turned my back on the vandalised bus stop and set off walking outwards on Bosworth Drive.

Local brick is red and this sky satelite dish means that, even though cable tv is here, individual choice rules.

Such a palm tree used only to be seen on the cornish riviera
but looks happy here

Granite cobbles are expensive so brick is a popular pavement

this is the newly resurfaced road which I pictured in the POWER PLANE blog post

there was a smell of smoke -looking back I could see signs of a fire but my dental appointment meant I could not take the time to play news hound, and try and make the tv news with a phone cam shot.

blue water as if painted by a child under the Bosworth Drive bridge -

crocuses at the end of Bosworth Drive

I admire the engineering design of this foot bridge to the shops

and then I could follow footpaths for the rest of the way

uphill !

the dental surgery is just behind me

Harry Hunjan has trained 1o dentists, and many dental nurses

click here for an older blog post with much more about my great dentist

NHS England Website - Dentist - HS Hunjan Summary Information


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