Tuesday, April 04, 2006

found things

yesterday water worn pebbles from a field by the river Cole

and today three beer glasses in a hedge
(I recently broke two so I needed the replacements)

Worcestershire and Warwickshire geological map
I live between Marston and Coleshill on the upper trias

see also Geology of Great Britain, UK - Introduction and maps

15 Upper Trias - Rhætic Beds, Keuper Marls and sandstone

and Great Packington is on

18 Permian - Sandstone and Conglomerate

nb 19 Coal Measures which underlie the industrialisation of the midlands

RHAETIC - LoveToKnow Article on RHAETIC: "In England the Rhaetic formation occurs as a thin but constant series of beds at the base of the Lias and above the Keuper marts. The upper part, often called the White Lias, is a series of thin bedded shales, limestone and marls, 1 to 25 ft. thick; the lower portion ,consists mainly of dark shales, sometimes with very perfect lamination paper shales.

Below there are beds of grey and tea-green marls which are now usually regarded as the topmost Keuper beds,"

marl or bog lime, soil, essentially clay mixed with carbonate of lime, highly valued as a dressing or fertilizer. It crumbles rapidly and easily. Marl in which the lime is in the form of invertebrate shells is called shell marl

fauna of the Rhaetic beds - Google Search

In geology, keuper refers to the third or uppermost subdivision of the Triassic system. The name is a local miners term of German origin;


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