Thursday, April 27, 2006

NEC Pavilion

the Pavilion at last after a LONG walk

Library + information Show 2006, 26 + 27 April 2006, The Pavilion, NEC, Birmingham: "As the library community faces the digital age, and the challenges of increasing user expectations, the implications of government anti-terror legislation and falling literacy levels � libraries are discovering a new role within society, commerce, schools and academia. The Library + information Show will help you to meet these challenges and many more with an exhibition showcasing the latest products and services in the market and a seminar programme featuring leading figures and authors from the nation's library community. "

Lee Cox to the right on the stand of Talis Information Limited with the most exciting new product I have spotted so far.

Using the Talis Whisper prototype Talis Developer Network

Whisper is a Research Prototype application, developed as part of Project ... This Talis Whisper is a Research Prototype application, developed as part of Project Whisper.

It demonstrates the drawing together of Web Services from the Talis Platform and other service providers such as Amazon, Google and OCLC, orchestrating them to provide a powerful end-user experience.

Whisper can be best understood as a concept-car application, which includes many features that may well be found in future products and services, but not necessarily together.
Some areas of functionality may only be applicable to library staff, others to library suppliers, or the general public.

panlibus: "Talis staff BLOG on topics across the library and information business"
Talis provides the leading library management systems to the UK and Ireland library marketplace.

Public Library With a focus on the UK and Ireland market, Talis is ideally placed to develop complete solutions for public library authorities.
Academic LibraryWith over 50 university and higher education colleges using the library management system and associated products, Talis offers a comprehensive range of products and services.

Project Capio: Research at Talis


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