Wednesday, April 05, 2006

walk to Stechford

a hedge full of starlings making a merry noise
see some close ups in SNAPS TWO: walk to Stechford

wagon with WATKINS
past BIG JOHN fast food and

down this path into the Kingfisher Project (click for bigger)

needs stepping stones

River Cole

burn an ARGOS catalogue to make a party (note empty beer cans)
Bab's Mill cottages
this father told me where to look for some special birds
and son
York Wood in the background where some long tailed blue-tits are nesting
in the midlands we are metal bashers - so easier to make this new bridge of steel not wood
and an RSJ and bolt on hand rails
stepping stones and the school
what a mess !
I have never seen bull rushes at this stage before - seeds on the wind
scrub oak

a natural bridge of a fallen tree

fortress Britain a passer-by said for old age pensioners (like me)

that this is fortified against thugs

"Hullo Santa" - said these football players

at first glance I thought this seat was a UFO

and well decorated

combined football and basket ball practice pitch

the locals call this prefabricated bolted together bridge

the "bailey bridge"

foot bridge

new handrail on concrete foot bridge

the archeology of Kent's Moat

what kind of tree is this?

click to see this pool larger


back to reality - ring road and bus 11

standard exposure and using the joy sitck:-

shortest exposure
longest exposure

after sunset in Stechford

perfect chinese fried chips for £1 (I could not resist the smell of chinese food being cooked) and bus 55 to Chelmsley Wood centre then 97 to Bosworth Drive and Merton House
see some close ups in SNAPS TWO: walk to Stechford


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