Wednesday, May 10, 2006

again walking to my great dentist

I walked out on Bosworth Drive past the still glassless bus stop number 807716 at Brickhill Drive which still has not been repaired MEMO pester CENTRO

the palm tree garden

Solihull Council are extending the day care centre

No hard hat, No boots, No job

LEICA made this theodolite

water worn limestone in a classic arrangement but

not a park but a Solihull traffic roundabout

I love monkey puzzle trees since my childhood visits to Monmouthshire

the name is an english joke - no monkeys in the part of Chile where it is native. It is estimated to be around 60 million years old, based upon fossil record known today. Araucaria araucana - mediterranean climate gardening throughout the world:

"Unable to identify some nuts on the table, a Mr. Menzies popped a few in his pocket. A number of them sprouted on the voyage home. In this manner, Araucaria araucana, or Monkey Puzzle Tree found its way into the rare plant collections of 17th century Europe! "

and over the bridge

bargain buy for my snacks - tired fruit from

here, and there are always market competitive prices at the FOUR SEASONS greengrocers Chelmsley Wood shoppng centre.

I have never taken those steps up to the high bridge before

this red and yellow colour scheme was overall and this is the last remnant

this bustop is where I wll end up later on my way home from Berkswell

I found a really enjoyable new walking route to my wonderful dentist Harry Hunjan
The Dental Centre. Craig Croft. Chelmsley Wood. B37 7TR.
but not much uniquely photographic just now

some things should not be tidied up


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