Thursday, April 27, 2006

NEC late afternoon

Tony Wareing Technical Support Manmager, gave me an excellent briefing about the services of Nielsen BookData Supplier of bibliographic information including MARC records for English-language books and published media to libraries and booksellers

their database features millions of unique ISBNs for English-language books published worldwide, providing a single source of rich data for books and other published media.

seen from my coffee table

Rhonda Riachi, Director Association for Learning Technology

Trends in eLEARNING Education versus Entertainment in Seminar Theatre L1

Current developments in elearning are tending towards tools associated with entertainment and leisure (e.g. podcasting). This session will look at the positive and negative aspects of these and other elearning trends.

question time
triple shadows

from economical coloured lamps with sodium to the left and mercury to the right

I got expert advice on archive quality storage of old photographs

Secol Polyester Based Archival and Conservation Systems for Museums, Collectors and Photographers: " Europe's leading manufacturer of polyester film based archival storage and presentation systems."

Secol Conservation "Starter Pack" Offer for family historians

We call that lunch was the answer when I asked if I may take some sweets on my way out

thank you BAFM The British Association of Friends of Museums. friends indeed

time to go home - tearing down
rolling up the carpets

packing, warapping and boxing and onto a palleet

four and two wheel trolleys and

and a fork lift truck

roadies at work unpacking at the NEC stage door but an orange scarfed security guard stopped me getting closer

today there are TAKE THAT fans

Take That 26 - 28 Apr 2006 at the The NEC Arena: "which is renowned for its blockbusting concerts and sporting events. Located within The NEC complex, the 12,300 seated NEC Arena receives over 1 million visitors every year. "


I like that good advice in traffic

oops lost his head he said he was out of hours so has to stop over before making three drop offs tomorrow

quite a traffic jam

and then I took the tunnel to the train to Marston Green and the 14A bus


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