Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lidl and Yorks Wood

landing and evening sunlight

sitting on the LIDL wall now the leaves are unfolded

impulse purchase nordic walking poles

sunset and the kingfisher project test driving the walking sticks

by Babbs Mill met a japanese bear hunting dog - an AKITA a gorgeous beast rescued from starvation - with spread toes on its feet like snow shoes - but I was too shy to photograph it

grassy meadow and it was too dark to photograph the bluebells and sparrow hawks nest of Yorks Wood

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Blogger Sue47 said...

Yes, let us know how the walking sticks work.

3:58 am  
Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

I was impressed

I felt a bit of a banana going out of the front door of the block - the image of the slightly odd middle age ladies using them in Denmark came to mind, or the eccentric summers skiers on roller board skis who visit Copenhagen every summer.

A little gang of boys on the street corner opposite the medical centre called "Hi Santa" as they do when I have my red shirt on.

So I walked directly towards them for a gentle confrontation -
"Look at my new toys" and explained that they strenghened my arm and shoulder muscles. "£14 in Lidl"

Walking on I started sweating within 10 minutes with some increased heart beat and half panting breathing so I was burning more fat.

After the first hour my coordination settled down and I used a short stroke in time with my feet (left foot with right arm)

As a practical walking aid I felt much safer and more balanced.

When getting over a low fence or stile (with my stiff left knee) or descending a steep slope I felt more confident of avoiding a fall - which can be the bane of us older people.

I can also envisage using them to slash nettles or hold back brambles.

As a long ago trained soldier I could also use them for self defence or keeping a dog at bay.

I felt slightly less back pain, I have a dodgy disc (close to my sciatic nerve) which has to be kept in place by muscle tone and a careful self disciplined control of my posture and I felt the slightly more upright posture achieved will help this long term.

10:51 am  

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