Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saturday morning

Bull Ring Birmingham - as part of a student summer holiday job with SGB, I took down the concrete floor shuttering when the little house to the left was built in about 1954 or 1955

6:45 am getting ready for the market


by Centro train - New Street station on the platform
with my handicam in SNAPS TWO
via Cheltenham and Gloucester past the cathedral and along the River Severn banks to Tutshill

Welcome to Wales --
Cymru ar y We: Y porth Cymru Gyfan -- and the sign is in the wrong place - in England the boundary is the river Wye
Wales was legally annexed by the Laws in Wales Act 1535, in the reign of Henry VIII of England, Wales went from being a Kingdom to a Principality in 1284 through the Statute of Rhuddlan.

St John's-on-the-Hill my prep school form 1945 to 1949
and the cedar tree (centre slightly right of the lap post) is central in the victorian gardens

Castleford Hill (I never knew this name the River Wye is hardly fordable even at low tide)
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. ENGLAND

but postally
NP16 7LE ie Newport Wales
United Kingdom

a glimpse of Chepstow castle - (Google Image Search)

Chepstow Station Cas-Gwent where I stood age 9 to 13 when travelling to and from school

quarry at Chepstow

OOPS ! -- rushing to snap severn bridge - (Google Image Search)

under the approach to the Severn Bridge -- Severn Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

we stopped here and were waiting to cross the bridge into Newport Station - the houses still has the typical slate roof and pebble dashed brickwork

River Usk looking upstream with most of the mud banks covered at high tide

Casnewydd Newport - and the trains are announced in welsh by a man followed by a woman in english

looking east the wide space between the platforms was laid out by Brunel for broad gauge (seven foot)

looking west towards Cardiff, Swansea and the Atlantic Ocean

Disabled Toilet Toiled i'r Anabel

Hanson heavy freight train British Rail Class 59 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia continuing the traditon of massive mineral taffic (especially coal until worked out)

old bridge abutment and the little patch of nature was full of bird song

I was on the other platfoem in 1942 and saw my father for the last time

they forgot the welsh sign Welsh Language Act 1993 (c. 38)

Newport railway station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cardiff to Bristol -- Virgin Trains -- Cross-Country Route

probably from Brunel's drawing board in about 1840

black tongued dog Gwybodaeth / Information

Newport Castle

recrossing the Usk out bound at 9:35 am and looking down the river USK estuary - to the right Newport castle - (Google Image Search) and in the foreground the arches of the road bridge and above the left hand arch against the sky, the t silhouette of the one hundred year old Cwmbrân Station

and on the car park I met a colleague and we went up the steps, and a Stagecoach Newport bus came within minutes and saved us the mile long steep uphill walk


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