Monday, June 05, 2006

LIDL - Chelmsley Wood Library

First I had to go to Lidl at Kitts Green to stock up with 14 litres skimmed milk, two kinds of ground coffee, a tray of cottage cheese, two whole meal loaves and four packets of rye bread altogether about 14 days supplies of basics.

delightful weed on the Lidl car park
and on the way to park my trolley

garden of Merton House
after sitting down and drinking ice cold coffee for an hour,
I dcided to walk in to the Chelsmley Wood centre

Chelmsley Wood Medical Centre it looks like someone missed the door,
and I went here to get a repeat prescription from the pharmacy on the right

Hippuris vulgaris common mare's tail a weed at widney lane but a prehistoric survival

white wild rose at Bennets Well school

wild barley gass already with seeds

I am heading for the humped backed foot bridge, and the lower square building which is the library
view from the bridge

the brook is clear again after the rains have run off

under the main road bridge

golden rain and happy memories of my mother and Brumleby

the bridge to the library

great machine and extra clear keyboard
I tried to do some look ups on ancestrylibrary edition but was too tired to do much good

censored - SOLGRID - oops - an unseen word on google groups

the thread has been partially deleted since I replied so what was going on?

air conditoned computer service at Chelmsley Wood library
much better than Birmingham Central Library, small is beautiful

after that I went to Somerfield supermarket and purchased 5 kilos of rolled oats and took bus 97 home and went to bed for the rest of the afternoon


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