Wednesday, May 24, 2006

tuesday morning market in Birmingham

I went shopping in the morning for once, because a very wet and windy afternoon was expected.

Bosworth Drive

legs showing tights in the RAG MARKET

mackrel and other silver fish

I paid £5 for that tray of chicken legs weighing about 5 kilograms

China Town
red snappers for the jamaicans

XXL prawns and fat is beautiful


shellfish bar and stall "DRY FISH" and I have not heard that term before

Bull Ring
and I had just passed the new Bishop of Bimingham on his walk about but was too slow or too shy to reach for my camera

"Pound a Tray" or 32 sweet apples for £1, and only three or four were bruised and needed to be eaten the same day

my NETTO wagon has given good service but is now tired

seen from the 97 bus - a dog patrol for hire - but no extra ventilation on the vans would make it very smelly in wet weather.

pneumatic drills greeted me in Crabtree Drive

seen from the kitchen window neat new corners ready for when I need a wheel chair to go to the doctor or shopping


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