Friday, May 19, 2006

from Lidl at the Mackadown to Tile Cross Road

I left Lidl when the last rain drops ceased

memories of how I used to shop for groceries from 1965 a blue Ford Cortina Estate until much later a Mercedes taxi
why is it not called a DEStruction site?

a fine bronze doorway of the old BSA machine tools soon gone forever

Charde House Guest House
289 Mackadown Lane Birmingham West Midlands
B33 0NH Map
0121 785 2145 note the fine white painted chimney pots from a long demolished victorian slum

first roses at a pensioner's garden

big garden blubells

hybrid "blue" bells white at the back of the school

ALCOHOL RESTRICTED AREA and the white cloud is the retreating rain storm
football mania is growing because the World Cup is soon

"Do you think England has a chance?!"

YES !!!

above all I hope they win for the sake of Swedish Sven who could then happily oo!oo as he closes the door behind him :-)

I dropped in the coin op to check it out £6 50 p to wash my monster big continental quilt and for £7 50 p they will wash and dry it for me
looking back the storm clouds are gathering behind me to the west


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