Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I was impressed
I felt a bit of a banana going out of the front door of the block - the image of the slightly odd middle age ladies using them in Denmark came to mind, or the eccentric summers skiers on roller board skis who visit Copenhagen every summer.
A little gang of boys on the street corner opposite the medical centre called "Hi Santa" as they do when I have my red shirt on.
So I walked directly towards them for a gentle confrontation - "Look at my new toys" and explained that they strenghened my arm and shoulder muscles. "£14 in Lidl"
Walking on I started sweating within 10 minutes with some increased heart beat and half panting breathing so I was burning more fat.
After the first hour my coordination settled down and I used a short stroke in time with my feet (left foot with right arm)
As a practical walking aid I felt much safer and more balanced.
When getting over a low fence or stile (with my stiff left knee) or descending a steep slope I felt more confident of avoiding a fall - which can be the bane of us older people.
I can also envisage using them to slash nettles or hold back brambles.
As a long ago trained soldier I could also use them for self defence or keeping a dog at bay.
I felt slightly less back pain, I have a dodgy disc (close to my sciatic nerve) which has to be kept in place by muscle tone and a careful self disciplined control of my posture and I felt the slightly more upright posture achieved will help this long term.


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