Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lidl portable satellite receiver

My attempt to photograph the rain drops on the window on sunday 22 May 2006
both attempts failed nasty wet and windy weather so I stayed home.

this may blossom at Bennets Well school smelled heavenly at 6:30 am on Monday morning 22 May 2006 - I was lucky with a break in the rain whilst I walked in along the footpath to the nearest cash point.

three dishes on one home all looking east of south so I reckon I can "see" the same satellites from my east facing seventh floor window in Merton House

6:38 am and the brook at Chelmsley Wood is full of flood water from the constant rain showers of the last few days.

Then I caught the 97 bus

This lady was first in the queue and I got to the Mackadown LIDL at about 7:15 am

Only available while stocks last Portable Satellite Receiver
This portable set includes all you need to receive digital channels on holiday or at home
Set consists of:
- Stereo satellite receiver, satellite dish, single LNB, remote control (includes batteries), coaxial 10m cable, scart cable and a wide range of accessories
Features include:
- 4500 programmable channels
- Automatic channel finder
- Plug and play
- Child lock
- Power supply via mains cable or DC connection for 12V
3 year manufacturer’s warranty
Price per set £69.99

number three turned up at about 7:30 am

7:58 am and this LIDL store opened at 8:am and there were 12 satellite receiver boxes up for grabs
only six went by 8:30 am, the drinks cooler was another popular item

got the LIDL satellite receiver home and opened the box on my bed as I do

great having a clean copy of Metro http://www.metro.co.uk/

these SCHOLL Metatarsal Arch Supports are simply brilliant and have banished my foot pains

DR. SCHOLL'S FOOT AIDS The motto of Dr. Scholl (June 22, 1882- March 29, 1968) was,
"Early to bed, early to rise,
work like hell and advertise."
Former shoemaker and shoe salesman, William Scholl graduated in 1904 from medical school in Illinois and patented his 1st arch support.
A firm believer in the power of advertising, Scholl held walking contests throughout the country and sold "pedometers" for calculating distances walked. Also, he held a "Cinderella Foot Contest" in which he measured foot imbalance on a machine called a Pedo-Graph. An award was then given for the "most perfect foot." "Foot doctor to the world," Dr. Scholl has eased millions of tired, aching feet. His corn, callus, and bunion pads, sold in blue and yellow packages, are famous worldwide.

you can see the dish is packed in the box lid and then I went back to bed
but no time later to set it up because I have been too busy doing genealogy


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