Friday, June 30, 2006

shopping LIDL and WILKINSON

on last Saturday 24 June 2006

discussing the new Rail Link to Glasgow Airport

Westminster is closed so we get Scotland or Wales on Saturdays

inside the new Scottish parliament building in Edinburgh
Saturday morning TV whilst I do my email

the bus driver said that he has driven this route for 5 years at the same time and knows everyone.

Group House is deterioating with broken windows and one open

cable tv junction here

wild daisies taking over

taxi sir? 0121 786 1000 and 0121 789 73333

the works gates but only the ABBA taxi / hire car dispatchers office is active

traffic lights control system is under the pavement

traffic at the Mackadown

all gone - the BSA Machine Tools offices I blogged before
I picked up a job sheet from 1947 so another industrial archive has been lost.

these Birmingham flats are opposite and behind LIDL

recycling on LIDL car park

and this front door too this flag is the one I can see from my flat in the background.
I am going upstairsto empty my trolley of the italian vinegar and olive oils, tinned fish and 14 litres low fat milk I just got at LIDL

this much bashed bus stop is still intact on Bosworth Drive

with a new bus arrivals indicator Bluebell Drive is past the shops

past Argos to the new Wilkinson
I want to put up my LIDL satellite dish

and I bought some masonry drills

10 checkouts at Wilkinson hardware super store

another kind of jeweller's shop

I like the other rose climbing up the elderbery tree

home in time for World cup on TV

red card


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