Thursday, June 22, 2006

before brunch

this morning I watered my plants then had a bath and ate a danish style brunch - I am much better and my bruises are fading but still chose to be house bound and pinned down until Saturday when I will run out of green stuff and bread.

my two lettuce are flourishing and I will eat them in about 3 weeks just before I go on holiday in Denmark

time to repot the best, already 12 inches high, and plant out the surplus tomato plants
again I will wait until the weekend in order to save wear and tear on my bruside knee

click any picture to see full size

I think these are pepper plant seedlings germinating at last

blocking the hall is my 6 year old Optiquest 21 inch monitor which is heading for the back door and teh junk pilel - I won't lift it but it nearly ruined my old Netto shopping trolley getting to here. So I have to roll it and drag it to the lift and down and out.
It could be cheaply repaired but the technology is dated and the available windows drivers don't enable it to be used at higher resolution than 1024 x 768. It was making some sparking noises and has been dodgy and the image wobbly for weeks

the Compaq MV720 monitor is back in use from 1999 it has a fading sticker ECOLOGY ENERGY EMISSIONS ERGONOMICS TCO 99 - (Google Search)
- remember the swedish scare about VDUs frying their pregnant office workers. The Sony laptop VDU only lasted 4 years so I am undecided about what type to buy
At least it should be ready for high definiton TV or DVD

The LVD TV 4/3 TV RZ-15LA66 will offer you high quality images and can be used as a very performing VDU. The RZ-15A66 has the visual technology called Digital Comb Filter, which enables the getting of clearer and softer images. Soundwise, the RZ-15A66 has the DASP Surround sound built in for a more realistic ambiance...

a quick look out of the window to the south the little red car is £400 second hand

my work chair was second hand in 1999 and has been repaired, the cushion cover is IKEA 2000 over an ancient pillow
My back support was home made in Denmark from a cardboard roll and a rolled up flat kitchen cushion - I used to hang it from the head support of the driver's seat in the Mercedes taxi - guaranteed to eliminate those stabbing pains which shoot down the leg when a disk gets slightly displaced and presses on your sciatic nerve - (Google Search)
What you need to know about sciatica
Review of common conditions that can cause pain along the sciatic nerve and links to treatment options
but arching your back and maintaining good muscle tone and posture is the key to freedom from pain

open sandwich brunch two slices of german ryebread, cottage cheese from Belfast (£1 fo 2 kilo in the market), chopped raw onion, english cucumber, green pepper from the Netherlands, and clementine from Spain or North Africa adds a contrasing colour.

Skimmed milk from Lidl - the little milk jug holds the same amount of protein as an egg - and the two pint glasses are of typhoo tea mixed with a little german earl grey.


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