Monday, June 19, 2006

balcony merton house

early morning light

at 5:48 am June 16 2006

the stone trough came from my granny's garden The Haven, Monmouth Road, Usk, Wales in 1953 and the white kitchen sink below came from about 1937 was installed at 230 Widney Lane, Solihull until my mother had it replaced with stainless steel. The garden seat came from Usk to Solihull and to here in 2000

texture of seat a rough replacement by the retired fire officer who was my mother's gardener - the original planks had smouth semi circular round edges to match the sockets and the whole was painted green.

movable back to this seat as seen on victorian tramcars (but no lugs for screwing it to the floor) and it probably came from Woodbank, Bridge Street, Usk originally all a fine green

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