Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flickr: Discussing The Government responds in FlickrCentral

Flickr: Discussing The UK Government responds in FlickrCentral: "A lawyer friend explained to me some time ago that this government specialises in woolly legislation specifically so that it can get it through parliament and the Lords on one pretext and then apply it to a whole lot of other previously unmentioned things once the legislation is passed. The use of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act to seize Icelandic assets was one recent example. The fork-tongued response cited above indicates another, this time impacting on photographers"

Well, kind of.

"Thank you for your e-petition asking for clarification of the law on photography in public places.

There are no legal restrictions on photography in public places. However, the law applies to photographers as it does to anybody else in a public place. So there may be situations in which the taking of photographs may cause or lead to public order situations, inflame an already tense situation, or raise security considerations. Additionally, the police may require a person to move on in order to prevent a breach of the peace, to avoid a public order situation, or for the person’s own safety or welfare, or for the safety and welfare of others.

Each situation will be different and it would be an operational matter for the police officer concerned as to what action if any should be taken in respect of those taking photographs. Anybody with a concern about a specific incident should raise the matter with the Chief Constable of the relevant force. "

So, I hope that's clearer to everyone than it is to me.


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