Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kite Aerial Photography

Kite Aerial Photography - Yellowtone: "Kite aerial photography in its simplest form is the creation of a photograph with a camera on a kite or suspended from a kite line.

In a more advanced form it employs a video transmitter on the camera rig that sends an image to an LCD on the ground which is used to determine the best time to snap an image remotely using a radio control connected to servos on the KAP rig. Advanced rigs, like the one we used, can also use radio controls to pan and tilt the camera."

BEST BREEZES: Kites and Kite History - William Abner Eddy - Diamonds in the Sky: "Eddy experimented with a number of shutter release techniques and contributed much to the knowledge of the emerging technique of kite aerial photography ranking up there with the original pioneer aerial kite photographer, M. Athur Batut who seven years prior took the first aerial photograph from a kite-lifted camera in Labruguiere, France, on June 20, 1888.

Eddy published his experiences and the potential for use of kite aerial photography in the journal The Century Magazine. [May-October, 1897] In an article written in this prestigious magazine of the era, Eddy envisioned the application of kite aerial photography to military intelligence. He carefully detailed how a camera mounted on a kite might permit the Navy to view beyond the horizon line and get advance information on ships of other navies operating in a region."

camera suspended on the line of a kite. - Google Search


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