Wednesday, January 18, 2006

monitor work out

first I took the 17 inch monitor away

and you can see the five year old IKEA KISTER computer table

yesterday I had moved about 30 boxes to get the OPTIQUEST V115 monitor out to here

this box bottom left has the 21 inch monitor in it
and weighs about 32 kg

after moving it out and up,

not lifting but rolling it onto the top of the little black bookcase

next I had to take a break with Roth's latest novel, "The Plot Against America,"

then down on to a tea trolley and shunting backwards into the kitchen

to get past the door to the hall and open it

what railway train enthusiasts call shunting into a spur

then I walked backwards into the hall half lifting the box and all to spare the legs of the trolley

into my bedromm doorway

at this point I sat on my bed for a rest
for 5 to 10 minutes
until my heart rate slowed down, and I stopped panting

after placing the box on the bed

I took the box off the monitor - not lifting the monitor out of the box

nearly there, on top of the empty monitor box which I used to bridge the gap

all plugged in and starting up WinXP


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