Tuesday, March 14, 2006

this busy bee cleared up before I woke up

the kitchen was clean and shiny this morning
she said she was vidløftigt og entreprenant Gode, gamle, danske ord, der bruges alt for lidt

literally longwinded and active or enterprising - good old danish words which are used too little

The first military tethered balloon : the Entreprenant in Fleurus 1794

my mother's tea trolley is back in use

and breakfast was served
NOTE THE LITTLE WHITE DASH onthe lower deck of the trolley.

That is the memory stick for my Sony HandiCam, which I had mislaid in a senior moment, and was now found by hero of the moment Charlotte when she tidied the hall. A BIG THANK YOU !
click here SNAPS TWO which will have the Sony photos in it from today on

and the hall floor and the oak linen chest are clear


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