Friday, June 30, 2006

LIDL satellite kit goes live

part of my tool kit
I took great care not to drop anything the seven floors down

four holes done at last

4 bolts to be screwed home
if there is a gale the dish must be taken in

compass was provided and I got the SATELLITE FINDER meter from MAPLIN in Solihull after reading some help pages on the web and taking the advice that a TV is too slow to indicate signal strengh for ease of adjustment.

the black lead goes to the signal strengh meter

menus to be learned

success Astra 1B
and I really like german TV which I saw in Denmark as a neighbour
this is a preset collection of 200 channels

Alles Nick
but why the T-shirt in english?

kids TV
guess who was on CNN dangeous, but as boring as Bush or the IRA or the NAZI party

news in Arabic
Aljazeera - Qatari tv station Qatar based satellite television station. Independent arabic satellite news channel with updated news and different views

France TV5 still on the BIG BLUE hold your breath

arte the wonderful franco-german arts channel

EURO NEWS sent without commentary
I love it

german text tv ARD works too but their clocks are one hour ahead of ours - so at 4:10 am to 4:30 my cult programme
Die Schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands is on
Karoe to Liebnwalde

but FreeView has the sharpest image

evening light LIDL satellite kit - Google Search

The ASTRA Satellite System is the leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite system in Europe, delivering services to some 107 million Direct-to-Home and cable households. The ASTRA satellite fleet currently comprises 13 satellites, transmitting in excess of 1600 analogue and digital television and radio channels as well as multimedia and Internet services. ASTRA's two prime orbital positions for DTH services are 19.2° East and 28.2° East. Professional services such as Direct-to cable (DTC), Satellite Newsgathering (SNG) and Occasional Use are offered from the orbital position of 23.5° East.

The Astra 1KR craft launched to 3.4E for testing, before moving to 19.2°E, where it will replace Astra 1B, which is effectively decommissioned and Astra 1C, which is elderly and running beneath full capacity


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