Friday, June 30, 2006

on thursday in Brum

in the Bull Ring England football shirts are 70% off

After this I bought some more masonry drills in the covered market - the Wilkinson ones were not up to it
and I stocked up with fruit and vegetables. in th eioen airt one.

I spent more than an hour helping my favourite market trader, COL, "3 cucumbers for £1"
he was getting a bit shirty with some of the dumber customers
so I cooled the situation down by explaining what was going on "he is going home and selling out"

i really enjoyrd beign out of doors people watching in the agora
I was rewarded with ice cream and a bunch of tomatoes

It was good for me to stand up for an hour on my wonky knees
I really enjoy the internatial culture, I heard lithuanian and polish spoken, as well as the usual locals from three continents

But I forget to take any more snaps
no exercise means my weight is rising - up to 165 kilos again.
today is my first day without pain killers . . .


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