Saturday, February 24, 2007


The Prince pub outside the front door of Merton House

I got off the 97 bus one stop early and walked over to Chelmsley Wood telephone exchange and post sorting office

a postie said to me "It's like the ark in there" Noah's he meant, because the empty pigeon holes haev long since been replaced by machine sorting

after I collected my mysterious parcel and walked down all those stairs I spotted this hand operated fire alarm by the street door

but no one cleans up this piece of grass - neither Solihull Council nor the Post Office

I am going into the shopping center and up to the balcony level

the new false ceiling is nearly finished over the escalators

I have never seen such bright red and glossy apples before

this is pensioners in a feeding frenzy - the lady second from the left is picking out meat on which the use-by date stamp expires today and marking it down

I found some and got her to mark it down for me too

then there was a wine tasting

a very pleasant Sommerfield own brand 6.6% apple wine - which we call cider

just checking the prices of spices

and the whisky and other spirits

and when I got home I unpacked my four freebie light bulbs


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