Friday, January 27, 2006

busy couple of days

Thursday and I have made the bed up as a lounging place

so I can clear the shelves

I ate a lete breakfast on the balcony and seeing a pair of swans drop down behind Oriel House on the extreme left, I felt like going to see where they had landed in the Chelmsley Wood parks

this is further down the brook near the airport in the previous blog

and there they were along with the ducks and some agressively hungry geese

catkins mean spring to me

and as I continued to walk towards Coleshill along the green lane where I picked sloes in the autumn

at last the farmer's bridge over the new motorway

I sat down and enjoyed the sunset

about 3 or 4 hours later
And on Friday, today, breakfast on the balcony again

the maps for orienteering and naming things
a yellow dawn
and into Birmingham to market and check out how china town was getting ready

the fountain was being covered up

nearly a thousand lanterns have been hung up

In the Bull Ring Sharwoods were demonstrating their new instant noodle packs NOODLE BOX
and so I ate three as a free lunch

and the demo will be in Soho Square London on Sunday

I heard the singing but missed Paul Courtenay Hyu the "chinese Elvis"
but I caught up with him on TV News later

from the poster Happy New Year of the Dog (artist age 11)


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