Saturday, January 21, 2006

mirrored sunset for Anthony

an email from my cousin in Melbourne, Australia:-
*Enjoying your blogspot good to see the larger images !!
I especially
like the sunsets / dawn shots
keep up the good work :-) *
I finished tidying and sweeping the enclosed balcony and it is time for coffee and an apple

This glossy green painted garden seat was from Woodbank, Usk, then from about 1936, The Haven, Monmouth Road, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales.
And in 1953 I took it to 230, Widney Lane, Solihull
where my mother let it rot, and then got the retired fire officer, who did her garden, to replace the elegant half circle edged planks with these chunky ones.

These seats were also used on early victorian tram cars, but it has not got holes in its feet for it to be screwed down.

I am standing and looking south east

this was an accidental collage

the bling of sunlight shining off the next appartment block

the sunset is behind me

I am planning what to grow here
- tomatoes, some kind of vine, herbs, lettuce - ideas anyone ?

I want to clothe this wall - it could even be an ivy

I forgot to change from my computer glasses
and went and got my spare pair of distance glasses which I will keep here

With my LIDL binoculars I watched a flock of pigeons circling

you see the climbing plant can only use half the end wall if the window is to open


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