Thursday, January 19, 2006

market and china town

textile art student from UCE Birmingham, UK
which has one of the largest faculties of art, design and media education
in the United Kingdom BIAD

where I get off the 97 bus by the markets behind the parish church
will these victorian buildings survive?

or became part of China town

chinese graphics
and afro-hair stylists

very good chaep food


carpark entrance

with stones to stop parking on the pavement

vernacular stool knocked up by a carpenter
and in the dumpster / container / skip
with a lot of wood which could be recucled

lunch or a reception?

"restored" sweet shop with back to front till and an anachronistic cash register

National Trust | Birmingham Back to Backs
Carefully restored 19th-century courtyard of working people's houses.

the only back to backs left

50-54 Inge Street/55-63 Hurst Street
B5 4TE
West Midlands

oak imitated with painted wood grain

the bars are an anachronism too

been a kitchen fire

and thanks to this Mr Singh

I got my Radio Times for next week

concrete bridge from the sixties

the invasion of the green man

street furniture getting tired

the new Birmingham and the 39 story Radisson SAS Hotel, Birmingham

looking down on the markets

down the ramp to Moor Street
new building to the left

new built and in trouble

water seepage from the ramp and rust in the joints

the new wine bar at Moor Street station

the markets are to the left

this bus 97 stop has been repaired with shiny new seats

the Bosworth Drive roadworks are nearly done

and even the low clouds of a grey sky are beautiful

what I got for about £9

and a very late vegetarian lunch
with ice coffee


Blogger Dan said...


This is wonderful! I love when you take pictures during your walk, giving us the opportunity to follow in your footsteps: inside the chemist's, snaps of Mr. Singh and the other locals, snaps of many other interesting things (like the stones preventing the parking on the pavement). There are so many good ones but my favorite might be the photo of the woman smiling at you from inside the restaurant. She seems to be genuinely tickled that you are taking her photo.

Nice job! Keep 'em coming!


9:05 pm  

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