Sunday, January 22, 2006

greys or grays

from the balcony yesterday evening

this misty morning

I rushed for the handycam because this it what I see, especially through my field glasses

as the mist lifted the spotlight was on our local cop shop - Chelmsley Wood Police Station

AKA Solihull North police station

West Midlands Police Brass Band & Corps of Drums
The band rehearses each Wednesday evening from 07:30pm prompt at Solihull North Police Station, Chelmsley Wood, until about 09:30pm.

and now the sun's rays falls on the Chelmsley Wood market hall


a similar flat to this

my first attempt at photographing a daguerotype
(patented in 1839 by 1860 going out of date)

So is this John Jones of 5 Castle Street Raglan, Monmouth, Wales ?
He was born in 1816 and chemist, grocer and Brick & Tile Manufacturer
The picture was from his grand daughter's attic in 1953

To protect Daguerreotypes, keep them away from direct sunlight (but it is OK to display them occasionally) and, most importantly, away from extremes of temperature.
A drawer in a "living" space is fine, not the attic or a damp basement. To protect the cases you might want to bundle them in clean cloth (old t-shirt material is fine) but use no rubber bands. We feel it's generally best to store them glass side down or on edge.

The Daguerreian Society


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