Sunday, January 29, 2006

crashed santa

I dropped the Chinese New Year in favour of this Annual General Meeting at Balliol House.

Chairman Malcolm Ross and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinater Brian Reilly

Fordbridge Area Residents Association & Neighbourhood Watch,

1a Balliol House, Grandys Croft, Fordbridge, Birmingham B37 5BS

0121 628 9034

rubbish out the window

rubbish in the grounds of a school

the flag shows a strong easterly wind

and behind Merton House with fourth window down on the left is my kitchen

sunset behind me

at Cooks Lane roundabout I could not resist a cone of chips for 70p

the light was fading but I found a path into the Project Kingfisher

put "project kingfisher" into and browse

Map of United Kingdom

and then I walked from Foxglove Crescent down to the river bank and turned right along the bank of the River Cole

Aerial Photo
and ended up a bit lost at this big Chester Road A452 Roundabout
and turned south along the river where I saw the swans

Aerial Photo shows most of the circuit
has a much better resolution
if you enter b37 6xx you can find the footpaths I took from Foxglove Crescent
or B37 5BX and drag north to Cooks Lane Roundabout

documentation of a repair needed


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