Thursday, January 05, 2006

eleventh day of christmas

not much to do on New Years Eve but go shopping in the City centre Birmingham

and look at the decorations of the Bull Ring

Lord Nelson is almost back in his original position

I wanted to make a modern christmas tree in Copenhagen but tradition ruled

strings make the snowflakes inside move

today I went to Marston Green station and took the footbridge

which turned out to be a good viewpoint

and of the end of the runway at BHX

Birmngham Airport and I will be back with the handicam

and I climbed the 36 steps up at New Street Staion too

the Rotunda above is going to be cake sliced into appartments

this staircase is in the Bull Ring shopping mall

I was heading for the open market at 3:30 pm they were giving the stuff away

2 cabbages for 50p at Birmingham market

the blogger image upload was failing so I had to wait and watched Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler on the box
Der Untergang

I saw the site in Berlin 14 years later in 1959


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