Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Folk art from Birmingham my mother bought this at her own school from a bring and buy fund raiser for Dixon Road school where it was donated by a parent - it was on the table below.

the Samsung laptop is able to access the internet at last using the long cable from Maplins, Solihull High Street via the router below to the Sony laptop in the next room.
The Sony has the laptop has a US-English WinXP OS and was easy to configure using the wizard for internet sharing via this computer.

The Samsung 8000 was purchased in Germany for use in Denmark, and has a german Win ME system on it, and even using the networking Wizard (which the germans name an ASSISTANT) , it was a hell of a job for a newbie network organiser like myself to set up, even with a fluent german speaker at my elbow.
Finally the penny dropped, after failing with a networking floppy made on my Sony laptop, I used the WinXP installation CD and the new network sharing drivers were rapidly found and installed

The monitor is for my 5 year old Patriot computer running Win98, which has a smaller and older kind of network socket and is not yet connected.


well a little exagerated - it only took all morning not all day.

but like the first picture it was a nice snap.

on Tuesday I managed to set up a home network

but then blogger photo server slowed to a halt
on Wednesday we went out and I returned too tired to upload

this Corega Hub5PL is also 5 or 6 yeas old but worked well


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