Thursday, April 13, 2006

First Ironbridge Walking Festival

Green Wood Centre

You can enjoy the woodlands of the Ironbridge Gorge at any time of the year with our free guides to three fascinating walks.

seen on BBC local TV steep footpaths will get you breathless

The Green Wood Centre has got together with popular Ironbridge writer and researcher Michael Pooley to produce guides to the woodlands in Ironbridge. Each walk shares an insight into nature conservation within the Gorge together with its geology and history of the Gorge plus, of course, its terrific views.

The new, easy to follow guides offer a step by step narrative to the sights and delights to be found along the way and feature a detailed pictorial map of each route.

Download the leaflets here:
Srethill Walk
Rotunda Walk

First ever Ironbridge Gorge walking festival 'gorgeous walks':
"The nine day event will include twelve Gorgeous Walks varying in length from 45 minutes on mostly level ground, up to a more strenuous three hours with some steep climbs.

Co-ordinated by the Green Wood Centre, the festival is a partnership of nine organisations, which will each organise its own walks.
Every event will have a theme such as Wild Garlic and Coppiced Woods on Saturday 29th April by the Green Wood Centre and Ironmasters, their Houses and Workers on Wednesday 3rd May from the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.

On Saturday 6th May there is a three hour wildlife walk around Benthall Edge led by Glen Bishton, author of Bird Watching in the Severn Gorge."

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