Tuesday, April 11, 2006

three sisters

this LIDL has some half price vegetables and fruit
and is 15 minutes further on the bus


dandelion time at last
waiting for a 97 bus to come over the hill
by the bus stop an original door but a new drain pipe

when I unpacked my shopping trolley I spotted the broken window below

modernisation by a private owner

dangerous tree
after being threatened for taking photographs of a tree here I jumped on a bus to LIDL

and walked up where the 14 bus drives

to the chimneys I call the three sisters

see this google map

take the close up to see the three shadows

Alcoa Europe-Flat Rolled Products
Kitts Green Rd, Birmingham, B33 0ED
0121 252 8000

aluminum facade

from ALCOA I hopped on a 14 bus towards Marston Green to look for this bridge I had glimpsed from a train see maps.google.co.uk/maps

help needed by Birmingham council to clean up this footpath

a favourite spot for a drinker

looking northwards from whence I came along the footpath

Centro train to Coventry

the footpath continues between the fence and the wall of the two factory yards

tag heaven - great texture
silver link from London Euston to Birmingham New Street

afterwards I got a bit lost amongst the small factories

"garratts green lane" - Google Search

passing by where I got my 1881 and 1851 census cd sets

The Church of Later Day Saints Church Distribution Centre

399 Garratts Green Lane

Birmingham B33 0UH

no buses in the evening


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