Saturday, July 01, 2006

time to start walking more

now Le Tour is on TV every afternoon I must walk in the mornings
but starting gently with two sore knees

a ROVER car was outside the front door, this car was one of the last models made at the Longbridge Factory, Birmingham before the chinese took over the remains of the business

this vehicle is used when a flat has to be cleared of furniture but today they were getting rid of a couple of tags in the lift

on the corner

looking back

the new owners have got a new dish

the last faded red poppies and today we remember that on the 1st. July 1916 the Battle of the Somme commenced which was one of the largest battles of the First World War, with more than one million casualties

No Ball Games and a lovely smell of summer grass and flowers

the sound of gurgling water here
made in Sheffield about 40 years ago before that iron and steel industry died

I have never seen flowerbuds on a palm tree outside in the Midlands before

looking downstream from the bridge over Chelmsley brook

looking down from the bridge railing

looking up stream weeping willows reflected

this dog stopped to say hullo and then picked up the empty plastic flask to resume carrying it home

the end of my walk is in sight

But when I went to BOOTS I weighed in at 168.6 kg or 26 stone 7 lbs
so I dropped the idea of a bottle of whisky and some cider

cheapest crockery

in Wilkinson

brilliant service in ARGOS and I got a new coffee machine in exchange for the old

a happy saturday morning atmosphere at Chelmsley Wood shopping centre

very small england fan on the bus back

I hope he was not too saddened by the loss of the game in Berlin later this day

see my new dish on the seventh floor of Merton House

washing through the new Cookworks coffee machine from Argos gave me enough water to do the washing up

on ITV 3 in english Le Tour de France in Strasborg via satellite in german

AOL 9 browser with EuroSport Radio and a continiously updated text report in MS IE 6
altogether four channels - 2 on the tv and 2 on the computer


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