Wednesday, August 02, 2006

walking to Hellerup

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I wanted to see my doctor about my sore right knee, her surgery is 3 floors above this estate agent on Østerbrogade , Copenhagen but she was still on holiday until next monday.

so I decided to walk towards Charlottenlund and see how I was feeling
never more than 500 meters from a bus stop or a train station, meant that I could break off my walk any time if it was too ambiteous.

the Taco Shop people are on holiday too
Such a success story - two austraalians could not get work, so they invented this business unique in Copenhagen, Did their own sign writing too.

Time for a break at the end of Jagtvej - no pigeons to be seen.

opposite me after i sat down. this massive renevation of stucco and painting
Rubin Stuk og Søn ApS. Peer Rubin. Sydmarken 48. 2860 Søborg
stukkaturfaget stukkatur - Google Image Search

further on --- a carved doorway

and a pair original entrance doors to the appartments above

and an original shop door - probably in finest finnish pine (grown slowly north of the arctic circle)

I am still a train spotter at heart - the s-train is red from thje suburbs and the express will be going to the airport and Sweden


I love to look in to holes in the road -here at Svannemølle

no geology - just sand - and fixing the big pipes for the district heating

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the flag of shame hangs low at this embassy

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at last another place to sit down
the yellow sign says HELLERUP

this thrilled me last year - I am glad it survived

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crossing Tuborgvej

at last Hellerup train staion and bus interchange

the old Hellerup station has a rest room for bus drivers too.

last time I walked this way Wednesday, August 03, 2005

my friend Hedvig picked me up in her little car

and after eating we fixed a page on
this one ushkas_album.html
Olga Dorothea Henriette Meyer, née Baumgarten,


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