Saturday, July 22, 2006

graveyard scare

from news:soc.genealogy.britain

We all know that graveyards can be scary places at the dead of
night especially with a little mist, an owl hooting and a bat
or two darting about. But on a hot summer day with wall to wall
blue sky I thought I was quite safe - but not so ...

So there I was at 5 pm this afternoon in St Patrick's Cemetery
just up the road from Rowlands Gill innocently photographing
family headstones when suddenly a shadow crossed the grave I
was kneeling on. I looked up and nearly had a heart attack.
This is what I saw - it was m a s s i v e and just feet away ..

My finger was already on the shutter release, so it was just a
matter of pointing & shooting. The only difficulty is the darned
delay between pressing the release and the shutter firing - you
have to predict where the beasty will be a second or so after
the press.

Brian Pears
Gateshead, UK


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