Thursday, July 06, 2006

MacBook Pro and market

shopping cart traffic jam on the bus in

I just thought I should check if the 'puter had come to the Apple shop - YES

tiny calculator on a very big screen but after that it went wrong

Ben repairing the account on the 'puter

I like the tie very much but I no longer wear business suits

lots of software too

took about 3 hours and still not done

aha the loo is over in the corner I had drunk my two pints of tea for breakfast

the quality of the architects' work shows even in these fine toilet door hinges

dear old Lord Nelson I must have been here when I was 5 or 6 years old holding my mother's hand a few weeks after the great victorian market hall got bombed, but they cleared up and did business as usal - in the shell with no roof

and I filled up my wagon with fruits and vegetables chatting with the stall holder I mentioned Copenhagen to COL - he even had worked at Tuborg when he was a student

how I remember blitzed Birmingham - here only demolition

and when I got back to the APPLE SHOP we completed the paper work, got 1 gb more ram put in and I walked out with the MacBook Pro

I took a short cut through Selfridges looking for the lift down to the pavement

and there I was - me myself BIG SHOPPER



and I found the bridge

and here was the bridge

and looking east

bridge below under GWR tracks at Moor Street Station

from the bull ring bridge

and the markets are behind the buses

happy memories of night photography here with my daughter

on the 97 bus on the way home - a hennaed heel

when I got in I saw the end of Le Tour and drank some iced coffee

then I went shopping for the second time because I needed some bread and fish and meat from LIDL and spotting with rain

and the sun came out as I got home to Merton House


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