Friday, July 14, 2006

run rabbit run

I saw that the wild broom has finished flowering and is setting pods full of seeds as I walked down the path through the wild park from the Chelmsley Road terminal bus stop of the 97.
Clikc here and you can see an empty bus turning left and at the top of the picture a yellow and a blue bus parked where the drivers take their break
I took the broad path diagonally down towards the right hand bottom corner of the picture leading to Birmingham Business Park at GOOGLE MAP B37 7YB

I had been on line all day and watching the first stage of the second phase of La Tour - when they reached the Pyrenees, and the pain begins, and the sprinters fall further and further behind.
I set out with the idea of walking towards Coleshill, or the hill of rubbish because from Thursday the nearest hill with a view is in Sweden and I will be in Copenhagen, Denmark

and I came to this grassy corner

click to see the rabbit better

I was thrilled and rushed to grab my handicam to zoom in and take these three snaps and then the bunny exited to the right under the bushes

looking back you can see the rabbit tracks As a boy playing in the fields at Widney Lane (now a tennis court and housing) I met a poacher in the woods he showed me how to set a brass wire rabbit snare across a path like this.
That was during WW2 and hungry days with food rationing and nettle eating. My mother once cooked a rabbit stew (with carrots and onions mmmm) and I prepared and mounted the skull as an exhibit.

more signs of rabbits - the little path and droppings

I glimpsed the rabbit again in the dark shadow under the shrubs
and in the background Pfizer Regional Office (Unit 2610), Birmingham Business Park, Solihull and lunchtime meetings for GPs and PosGrads

and I walked on towards the boundary fence and the Chester Road

Warwickshire oak trees on the other side of the Chester Road, and one looks like it had been struck by lightning a year or more ago
and a good view of the woods in a google satellite picture

By now I was tiring rapidly, abandoned my dream of an ambitious walk, and luckily I met the 974 bus which shuttled me back to Chelmsley Wood shopping centre

On the farm, every Friday
On the farm, its rabbit pie day.
So, every Friday that ever comes along,
I get up early and sing this little song:

Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!

Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Goes the farmer's gun.
Run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run.

Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!
Don't give the farmer his fun! Fun! Fun!
He'll get by
Without his rabbit pie
So run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!

Run, run rabbit run . . .

Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don't sit down it's time to start another one

For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

In world war two when we sang this we meant that Hitler was the rabbit and we, the english, were the farmer !!!

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Solihull is at the very heart of England
Destination Distance (miles)
London 120
Leeds 121
Manchester 100
Bristol 92
Oxford 67
City Centre

Breakdown of Business Sectors in Solihull
Sector %
Banking, Finance and Insurance 36.5
Hotels/Restaurants and Distribution 26.5
Construction 10.3
Other activities 8
Public Administration 7.2
Transport and Communications 5.5
Manufacturing 5.2
Energy and Water 0.22
Agriculture 0.22


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