Monday, July 24, 2006

evening and morning

A phone call from my daughter and after seeing the finish of Le Tour de France in Paris
I went out to catch bus 1A

tomato time

and apples soon

short stalked sunflower surely bred for farms not gardens?

the buses air condition was not working
and I considered getting out here at København Østerport (Copenhagen East Gate) Station and catching the train.

In fact it was half working and I changed sides and enjoyed a blissful draft all the way to Hvidovre

bus 1a going in to Copenhagen
when I waited at that bus stop I got a pnone call redirecting me to the nearest chinese restaurant

Hvidovre Municipality is one of the largest municipalities in Denmark, with 49,000 citizens.
says Symantic who provided their servers
and google is full of surprises

By implementing an integrated Symantec clustering, backup, and storage management solution, Hvidovre is benefiting from 24x7 service, simplified administration, and cost savings.

good place to eat
Dong Fang restuarant,på Hvidovrevej 136 lige ved Hvidovre torv on google groups

on a very slow server 19 seconds delay and the domain not listed on

ANYWAY we had an enjoyable evening and ate Menu 203

Sichuan Special Menu

Forret: Shichuan suppe

Mellemret: Stegt Wan-Tan - Dybstegte små rejer - Dybstegt kylling - Dybstegt svinekød

all four Hovedretter:

Gong Pau kylling med Cashewnødder (stærk)

Kongerejer med kinesiske champignons og bambusskud

Shichuan oksekød (stærk)


Is yes Icecream - a banana split !

Pris pr. couvert: kr. 138,00 (Minimum 2 couverter)

- our party included the youngest family member Stine, who is now 9 months old, and who was happy to be bounced on my knee.

Tomorrow they are off by train to Berlin for 14 days. 5 or 6 hours but they waited as long at the airports with flight delays last time.

It started to rain and thunder and I got a well air conditioned bus for a cool ride home to Brumleby
After doing some email and a failed WinXP instalation I went slowly to bed

I woke at first light at 4:00am far too hot to sleep
as usual I switched on ARD tv from Germany
after the railway thing
a documentary about SOMMERLOCH
see also:-
I grabbed my phonecam to show you the weather map for today

Europa is cooking

ARD german TV

and now I am going back to bed


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