Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Den Franske Café

On my way from BRUMLEBY walking to the cafe by the lake

one of the last of the old summer houses


on this vine along the fence

looking back after I crossed to the shadow side of Øster Allee

towards the post office and Trianglen

and the circus has come to town

film unit

and a DOLLAR GRIN possibly an old tgaxi or imported as a wreck

and at the cafe I met:-

Ellen McCarty
who gave me a copy of her book SUSPENSIONS OF TOUCH

Eugene Garvin writer, even cycled from Hillerød - and back afterwards - to renew our old friendship

Linda Horowitz photographer, just happened by after being at a detective story writers group with Ellen her work
photography & layout
---Linda Horowitz Photography and Layout - service in web design, graphic design and photography---

click to see the view from the table at this lake view cafe
Sortedam Dossering 101, 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark

when the party broke up I went shopping
with no luck close by so took a bus onwards to Sølvtorvet

I go my last cheese cutter here

no luck, no kitchen stuff anymore only tools

the original technical and engineerin g school

sitting on a step waiting for a bus - unusual handle

lift down to the METRO driverless trains

METRO station under Nørreport - the old north gate of Copenhagen

down the drain under the harbour
you may sit where the driver should be


emerging by the university on Amager island

not a bombed out house but a work of art

the high road to FIELDS

stopping at Øresund station
for the FIELDS mall which shuts at 8.00 pm

BILKA within Fields has everything - except outsize clothes
so I got my T shaped cheese slicer from Germany, some danish tomatoes and a Black and Decker dust buster V3605 from UK

at last a hot sausage TRAILER

two very hot sausages
then by METRO and bus home

a distant evening cumulus nimbus incus floating distantly by Øresund station like a gigantic ocean liner of the sky

FOOTBALL results FCK 5 Randers 1

blue and white football fan
on the bus to Trianglen
FCK = Football Club København also blogged

and she turned the head of the guy on the right


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