Tuesday, January 31, 2006

way to Packington

M6 motor way looking north
this is the edge of the Packington Hall Estate
packington hall - Google Image Search
Now the home of the Earl of Aylesford, Packington Hall stands in a park of approximately 300 acres, with a deer park, fisheries and the Forest of Arden Golf Course.

The grounds were laid out by Capability Brown and his plans of 1751 are kept in the house. The Hall, built in 1693, is in the Italian Renaissance style, with interior design by Joseph Bonomi.

the red lights on this pylon are a familiar sight in the extreme distance

History and Heritage - Packington Hall

and the limit of what I can see from my balcony windows

andf a landfill site

SITA (Packington) Ltd. http://www.sita.co.uk/

Packington House

Packington Lane

Packington (Road Map)

Meriden google map but I took a bus out

and from Birmingham Business Park back

Coventry CV7 7HN


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