Thursday, August 03, 2006

going home to Brumleby

this hot dog was lying on his tummy cooling off

leaving the Royal Library

I went my way before the dog shook the water off himself - I grew up with spaniels

bus 901 and 902

I took my Sony handicam out whilst I was waiting click here

the enetrance to the canal around the old castle

another grey haired passenger with a bus pass

tho old library is red brick and the new is the BLACK DIAMOND
I went aft and up on the tiny deck at the stern


the king admired Venice and had this canal made in imitation to the warehouses of Christianshavn


Langebro does not need to lift fot us

smoky old diesel soubnds very worn and is running to press the bows to the bus stop

from Japan

under the bridge


an outdoor floating stage - for rock music?


Nyhavn is famous for beer these days, but was once a working harbour, and a sailors hell with bars, hookers and tattoists - now just hell for the Swedes

another new theatre on the site of the Bornholm ferry terminal

the other water bus

marble church with the dome, and the royal palaces

the new opera house

in case of fire in the engine room, under my feet


the cranes from the navy yard still stand after the basin has been filled in


launches loaded up ready to go by road

the end of the line
I have to walk 400 metrers to catch a 1a bus

bye bye bus boat

noisy cruise ship
sounded its BIG horn - from Norway ?

this used to be a ships' chandlers which looks like another office in half cellar

Valkyrie by Winding 1901 Paris (I think)

at last a seat to sit on by my bus stop

temptation in Øster Allee

I was too lazy to wait in line so avoided buying an ice-cream this time

holyhocks going to seed

the caretaker's office

just happened to be late open on a thursday, so I arranged with the caretaker (one of three gardmænd or pladsmænd) for my bathroom to be painted after a spring clean

his cactus getting a drink

opening times

looking back

some one has green fingers in Brumleby


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