Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the meeting

I went into mødesalen "Kostalden" mod Øster Allé (1897 af Andreas Clemmensen)

Beboegermode of Brumleby residents in our hall

after the Powerpoint presentation of the accounts BUDGET AFGIFTER the discussion began

this play ground is limited and needs redevelopment
Børnegruppen showed designs by www.hampus.dk

EU-standarderne: DS/EN 1176 & 1177 from 1991
are applicable
http://ec.europa.eu/ but where ?

these stones brought here by glacier 20 000 years ago from Norway
take up too much space and are a risk to falling childrens' teeth and bones

the eye

slangemøbel - serpent
"Stone serpent.
Seating and play space.
Unhewn stone, some places cut and polished by www.rudilarsen.dk
Brumleby, Copenhagen. Inaugurated 1996."
A playground beneath the lime trees, the stones are glacial erratics,
mostly granites from Sweden and Norway, found in the underlying boulder clays, when the new water pipes and sewers were laid.
and they were sculpted by Helle Vibeke Steffensen a citizen of Christiania.

a proposal to take about one third of this lawn for more play space LEGEPLADS was firmly opposed

I suggested that the stone snake be sold at an art auction - and this will be looked at - if it appeals to a wealthy collector (or two or three) in Japan for example, the money could be used to pay for better equipment for the children.


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