Saturday, September 02, 2006

walking in a Copenhagen park

Brumleby graffiti

and a wonderful flower


the old cavalry barracks - are the broken window panes for fishing for a beer?

Borgermester Jensens Allee

Jean Gauguin - football player - has the same kind of leather six studded boots I wore in the 1950ies

Jean Gauguin AKA: Jean René Gauguin
born Paris, 12-04-1881 - and died København, 21-04-1961, billedhugger
danish sculpt0r
Litteratur -- Weilbach -- Værker

in wet weather the fungii flourish

looks like designer sketches for graffiti and tags

on this bench

something about sowing and reaping

the corner of a bridge across an arm of the lake

looking to the south east - the raft is an oxygenation thingy

I sat on a bench like this by afdeling O (of the hospital) and made my mobile blog
SNAPS 3 for today
2 error mesages but one post made it anyway

not a stable with a hay loft, but an elegant public toilet

the paddling pool is closed because of technical probelems

too bad - and the temporary inflatable pool cover lives on

I was looking for my daughter

with a good atmosphere

a general view of the easy part of the skateboard park

but this looks really high - can my daughter use this?

great graffiti

and on the other end

clean graffiti site:dk - Google Image Search
or explore

this little house has a wooden shingle roof

at the back
and to the left

to the right - the phone cam flash went off

in a spiral staircase

whicj goes down to the "secret" tunnels between the hospitals

road kill but not unlike a fossil record of a primative bird

keep the town clean please

party is over

I think this was once a bandstand, but wind music lost out to a summer seasonal cafe

my daughter and her friends taking a well earned break from their skate boarding

this ambulance dropped by - nobody hurt but a firman's friend was here

study in perspective 1

perspective study 2

study 3

the hot dog stand was closed

ready to be loaded

and this one from Sweden


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