Thursday, August 17, 2006

green and rainy

this wet weather makes the grass grow greener
and I took bus 1a into the town

the bus stopped at the traffic lights by Den Fri art gallery
where van Gogh and Gauguin exhibited years ago

this doorway by the bus stop where I get off to go to Slotsholm used to be the Skipper's laug
a guild of ships captains but is now part of Den Danske bank headquarteers complex

not many passengers for the canal sight seeing even with a lid on

I cross this bridge every time I go to the Rigsarkiv
Rigsdagsgården 9
1218 København K

today I dropped in to the offices see if the secretary of the Danish National Archivist was in

Johan Peter Noack, Rigsarkivar is the man in charge, but his secretary was not in and the receptionist refered me to Poul Erik Olsen, Chefkonsulent of the Rigsarkivarens sekretariat

they have a brand new reception area but the very helpful young woman chose to hide behind her computer
Because the Rigsarkivar's secretary was on holiday, I asked for a press officer to discuss the 1880 census, which is coming on line as images and is both a milestone of progress and a benchmark of success.

A tall and athletic dane was called, he cycles to and from work, who turned out to be Chefkonsulent Poul Olsen and he suggested we go to the reading room to use a computer there and we had a very successful meeting.
He explained to me for historical reasons that there is no such thing as Crown Copyright in Denmark and I showed him my site DNKCEN Denmark Census with the deep linking problems and some other census sites.

Afterwards I went to see if the records I had ordered have arrived yet,
but got distracted by this open doorway

to the new self service stacks in the census archives store room

and I had a nice chat with fellow family historian Folmer Riis who had travelled all the way from Assens on the island of Fyn to use the original documents of the 1925 and 1930 danish censuses in here


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