Sunday, August 06, 2006

computer free saturday

one old bench surives at Østerport station

also architect designed
one of my themes is outside benches and street furniture

wooden columns in earth colours

the gallery is closed but what a wonderful electroleer in the station hall


and more beautiful wooden doors
the staircase suddenly stopped moving when I was nearly at the bottom - a shock and a new experience.

bad news working on track replacement today


this swedish girl just stepped out
my Hillerød train came up on the board really quickly

not the best tags

and under the bridge from which I blogged on my way to Hellerup
I like these reverse shots showing where I was to take a photo looking the other way
and this is an aerial view of the bridge at Svanemølle CLICK

and the bench I rest on
in Ryvangs Allee

missed the little grey box with the face on it

running into Hellrup station with the bus drivers' rest room in that old station building

we waited for this local train to arrive on the light railway branch

from Jagersborg, via Lyngby to Nærum

sneaking a look at my fellow passengers click to make bigger

note the old rails used to support the fence at Holte

a more traditional branch line train runs from Hillerød to Helsingor

Hillerød station is where three lines meet

on google maps

at the Hillerød bus station a driver said 2 hours before the roads will be open
so I started walking towards the castle

til slottet

click to see the copper green roof of Hillerød slot

only the elegant cellar windows survive

the house owner gave me permission to snap his granite bench

was this a factory or a school originally - now a youth centre

I admired the elegant chimney and the single floor houses are of the oldest type

what are these marble statues doing here?

I waited on the corner

for my friends to pick me up
and drive me out through the forest to SÆTTERDAMMEN google map

and KRAK

the co-operative's hens have eggs


Ellen and Eugene took me to their home

everywhere this prehistoric plant finds a cozy damp patch

windfalls are neglected these days
they could be apple sauce or even cider


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