Thursday, August 03, 2006

I love this library

Det Kongelige Bibliotek København K - Copenhagen Denmark
is an amalgamtion of
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Nationalbibliotek og Københavns Universitetsbibliotek

the garden replaces an old navy harbour

the second Royal Library

no ducks here and too hot to sit out and eat a packed lunch.

modern fountains and the great barn-like warehouse in the background is full of the reserve collection of the armoury museum

the bridge contains the enquiry desk and the loan counter - you may borrow duplicate copies
after reopening my library card I took the jump seat in the elevator and got out two floors higher .
The photographic department was closed.

looking down at the information desk and the loan counters

I had just crossd the street on that corner

tourist traffic in the harbour

click bigger

down again - I peeped into the old catalogue room
I was embarressed when I couldn't read the handwritten cards, little did I know that they were written in gotisk script which I continue to wrestle with daily as a genealogist

the old catalogues have been replaced by REX: online katalog, to which we used to dial up and log on as a terminal.
REX og Cosmos lukket d. 4.-16. august.

I pressed my nose against the glass pane in the door to the old reading room, like a child locked out of a sweatshop.
I have many happy memories of studying viking history, and more than twenty years ago, the original manuscripts of the great danish composers. This lovely old reading room is closed until the university students return in September and then they may bring their own books to study and write their "special" - or thesis

back to reality and typically the reference works I wanted to use are shelved upstairs in the west reading room

click to see some of what I was researching


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