Thursday, August 10, 2006

early morning in Copenhagen Ø

one building in Nørrefrihavnsgade but with two owners and an uncoordinated colour scheme

8:00 am - but I thought this NETTO would be open like the schools and factories

so I decided to go for a stroll instead of shopping

I like these strings of green glazed bricks amongst the yellow copenhagen stock bricks

see london "stock bricks" - Google Image Search the yellow colour is because the geology of the two cities is very similar with yellow boulder clay over chalk layers - from which the similarly hard water is pumped.

a plain gable transformed into a work of art

empty bottles are worth money
so I bagged them

Autumn IKEA catalogue to be distributed - and I grabbed one

there is one graffiti every 3.5 meters in Copenhagen

my daughter laughed when she saw this snap - she might even know the artist in the Nørrebro skate board and youth subculture

this 4 x 4 is a passion wagon - but rusting out

an ex military job

three floors means old, but with a new roof apartment, but the building to the right replaces a little two floor house

I do like this elegant cast iron window frame with fine glazing bars in an old factory

the old factory is a kind of school for out of work young people

one more older house survives

outside a church
I love the colour combination

I like the rustic bench, I am looking for inspiration for my own little garden, but the venetian mirror is missing some bits

doggy comfort station - not that dogs care - only humans

smørbrød ready for packing into lunch boxes

Bager Bosse is a master baker and a leading member of the Copehagen Guild of Bakers

Københavns Bagerlaug which has roots back to 1290

københavns bagerlaug - Google Search

Inside there is a wonderful smell of fresh baked bread
and many happy memories of fetching fresh warm "morning bread" - morgenbrød - Google Image Search - before my family ate breakfast - in England I have to bake it myself especially on a sunday.
When I was very poor I got yesterday's one day old bread here very cheaply.

the door to the right is where you get bread in the very early morning on the way home from a DISCO by knocking on the door of the bake house roomed at the back of the premises

I got an enormous cabbage for 20 kroner
the moslem (?) who served me has a drinking problem which he tried to disguise by emptying a can of beer into a pineapple juice can before sipping it at about 8:30 am.

I got here at 8:50 am and sat on the geen boxes to await the opening of our neighbourhood NETTO

On the opposite side of Østerbrogade I feasted my eyes on this green copper roofed appartment block from 1906 -- note the painted shop sign to the right for the dispensing chemists which used to be here

this newspaper delivery boy stopped by to ask me if I was still a mac-freak
because he too has sold his PC and got an intel dual processor mac

I had to sit down twice on the way home and sleep for an hour before I was ready to got to town and the city archives.

København Rådhuset

Copenhagen school records are in the archives

CLICK here to see whatI searched

in the great hall a cat walk had been set up for COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK


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